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Friday, August 07, 2015


Good evening.
The sale progresses!~
The water heater inspection went well.
We're on track to close on the 24th.
We're getting keys to the apt. on the 14th and moving on the 17th.
Sunday is my big moving sale. Come by. Lot's of junk good stuff!   :-)
Monday we get a 10 yard dumpster. Besides anything left over from the sale, I have quite a bit of stuff out by the compost area I'd like to get rid of.  Old rolls of fencing, posts, pots and such that I can't get in my car and haul, to our work dumpster. And I don't want to leave for the new homeowner.
So now, a lot of phone calls dealing with changing utilities, and Internet services. Then all the change of addresses we need to send everyone.
A lot going on right now, but fortunately, work is a little slow this time of year.
And I'm tired, so good night.


  1. You guys are on a roll! We hope that you have a successful sale!

  2. If you have a Habitat store, you should call them. They would probably take your fencing and anything else you have left.