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Friday, September 11, 2015

our Vegas community

Good morning.
Here's a few pics from our latest trip to Vegas.....
Me on the golf cart path just off the road in front of the main water feature in our community.

Our community, Sun City Aliante, is just off the 215, behind the Aliante Casino Hotel. You can see, a public golf course weaves it's way through the community.
Craig with the hotel rising in the background.
Having the golf course in our community makes for some very pleasant morning walks.
We didn't do much on this trip. Just a few minor things. Just enjoyed being away from everything that's been going on here.
We do finally have a closing date. This afternoon at 3pm. Had to move some customers, but they all were very understanding. We were originally scheduled to close on the 24th of August. That's why we moved on the 17th.  But because of problems on the buyers end, we've been delayed. I actually thought we were going to come back from Vegas to find the deal dead and having to relist it and start all over. But things worked out. We went over to the house one last time to mow, fill the bird baths, do a little weeding, deadheading and say goodbye to the place we lived for 30 years. I thought it might be a bit more emotional, but with the place empty, it doesn't feel the same. And we've already moved on. We have a future, and it's not there anymore. I might feel a little different this afternoon when I hand the keys to the new owner. We'll see.
But now, I have to get to work. I moved some people to early today, the rest to late tomorrow.


  1. Congrats on the closing the house! Maybe we'll get to see you in LV next year when we are out west.

    M and C in TN