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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

a new walk and medicare

Good afternoon.
Monday was another beautiful cool fall day.
We went for a walk in Lansing's newest park. Crego park. In southwest Lansing.

This park was many years ago a gravel pit, but has been reclaimed for public use. Not to many facilities here yet, but it is connected to the extensive Lansing River Trail, and was a very pleasant walk.
We did get Craig signed up for medicare, but discovered we can't get a prescription plan until he gets his medicare number.  :-/
This morning, I went back to the Audiologist for a pre-scheduled check-up some tweaking.
We decided to increase the volume a bit, and put a small tip on the part that goes into the ear.
So far, one week in to this, I'm extremely happy with this hearing aid. And I think Craig is even happier.  :-)
That said, we're heading out for a little walk.

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