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Friday, November 20, 2015

Et tu, brute?

Good morning,
I went to work on Wed. and upon checking my messages, received one from a customer I've done for over 25 years, Since my eventual moving is coming up, she's decide to try another salon. Wishes me good luck with my future move and thanked me for the many years of service....blah, blah, blah. And of course, she left the message on Tuesday knowing I don't work then so she wouldn't have to speak directly to me. Even though I've been telling customers we'll be here probably 2 more years, I'm losing more and more. I was hoping they'd stick with me to the end, but I should have known better. I should have never said anything to them. I've been doing this for 38 years. I knew customers were fickle. They'll turn on you on a dime.  I knew that. I should have kept my big mouth shut! But the damage has been done, and I'll just have to live with it. At least now, when I do move, I won't feel bad for leaving customers I've done for years. They will adjust, if they don't all dump me first!
Anyway, after an okay Wed. and Thur. I'm completely booked today and tomorrow. The holiday season bookings are looking pretty good so far. So hopefully a good end of year.
And it's looking like we will be getting our first taste of winter this weekend as 2-5 inches of snow are forecast, and lows in the 20's.
Have a good weekend!


  1. One bad haircut and they will come running back to you, maybe they will go bald! We were supposed to get snow but not now, yahoo! We are sending it your way instead lol.

  2. I would have expected them to at least stay with you for another year. What a shame. Sorry to hear this. I hope someone will stay with you for the rest of the time you are there.

  3. Anonymous3:43 PM

    The owner of a salon I used to go to told her employees the day before she closed the salon. The space was rented to Great Clips. The woman I had been going to had worked there for over ten years. I applaud you for making people aware.