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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

another weekend over

Good morning.
We had a nice weekend, but now, back to work.
Craig went to the Secretary of State office to renew his driver's license. He couldn't do it online this year. Well, I went online to find the hours and they have a new procedure in place at one of the offices called......
MI Time line and it works great! You can go online or call. Craig went online and was able to reserve a time. The day of his 'appointment' he periodically received text messages of his status. He got to the office about 5 minutes before his 'appointment.'  The place was packed with probably 100 people. But he was called right on time and was out in less than 10 minutes. Why wouldn't everyone do that? Of course, you need to have a smart phone, but doesn't almost everyone have one by now?
So he was a happy camper getting in and out so quickly.   :-)
Now there's only one office in the area that has this. It wasn't the closest one to our apt. but not too far. Hopefully they'll get the rest like this too.
 And speaking of smart phones, there really is no reason not to have one. I've said this numerous times before, but the cheapest smart phone plan out there has to be Tracfone.
You buy the phone. As little as $20. Then you add minutes. I always add a one year amount. Costs $108 and gives me 1200 minutes each of  talk, data and text And that's the only expense for the entire year. There's no monthly fee. If you don't use a phone a lot, this is the way to go.
 Anyway, we didn't do much else this weekend. A little walking, a little driving.
Now time to get ready for work.

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