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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Godzilla and a slot machine

Good morning.
Christmas is over, and New Year's is upon us.
A very busy week is ahead for me. Working 7:30 am Wed. till 6:30 pm. If I'd known ahead of time it was to be so busy, I would have worked today also. Oh well. Just happy to see it busy right now. I'm even working later than usual on new Year's Eve. But that's okay, I don't do anything on new year's anyway.  :-)
We had a freezing rain mess yesterday afternoon. But was inside nice and warm. And, I don't have to deal with clearing the driveway or sidewalks.  :-)
They were doing that this morning around 7am.  been doing some research on our upcoming Jan trip to Vegas. Craig wants to do the Slotzilla Zip Line.
It's this 12 story tower they built at the one end of Fremont St. Looks like a giant slot machine. Thus, Slotzilla.

 You can zip, or zoom from the tower down the length of the canopy covered street above the crowds.
Craig wants to do the higher zoom line. You 'fly' down the street superman style. It runs above the zip line and is a little longer in length.
Doesn't that look like fun?
Anyway, not much else going on, so I'm off to enjoy my last day off.

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