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Sunday, January 31, 2016

what a week

Good morning.
I've just returned from cleaning the Salon.
It's been a l-o-n-g week.
Fortunately, it was a slow week, as Wed. afternoon, I started to get a scratchy throat.
I knew what that meant, I was coming down with a cold.
All my colds follow the same pattern. First, a scratchy throat followed by a sore throat, followed by exhaustion, and finally  followed by a raspy voice as I actually feel better then.
By Wed. night, I had a full blown sore throat. Got up Thursday, exhausted. Told Craig I was staying home and cancelled my appointments.
Spent most of the day in bed.
Friday, I felt a little better and dragged myself to work.
They say you shouldn't go to work with a cold, but when customers want their hair cut, they don't care. I warned everyone that came in but none left.
So I managed to get through the rest of the week. Like I said, I was glad it was a slow week.
I'm feeling much better today, but still have a cough and runny nose.
And after spending 3 days on the phone with Blue Cross, Craig is hoping they finally have his medi-gap policy straightened out. He was billed for the regular F plan instead of the F high deductible. I don't know why it took so many people and so much time to straighten it out, but it did.
Anyway, that was our week, and I'm planning to relax this weekend and do nothing.


  1. Hope you are completely well soon!

  2. You could wear a mask at work when you have a cold, or offer your customers a mask and you stay mask free. A scratchy throat indicates your sinus is draining. If you take something at first sign, like Sudafed, it will stop the draining and minimize the sore throat or stop it completely. Take it for two days. It works for me.