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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

weekend update.

Good morning.
Busy, busy, busy. That's what I've been the last day.
Yesterday morning, I went to Lansing Ophthalmology for my yearly eye check-up.
My appointment was at 8:10, and I was out by 9am. Nice. They weren't real busy that morning.
The exam went well. Nothing to exciting. Before I left, they gave me all my records to take with me since I won't be here for next years appointment. And of course, since they had to dilate my eyes, it was a brilliant sunny day.  :-/   Had to stay inside for the next 5 hours.
Then I spent a good part of the day getting Craig's phone up to his liking. I had to do a factory rest to wipe all my info out, as it kept trying to sync with my google acct. and I couldn't figure how to stop it. But the factory reset worked and even better, now it's like a new phone for Craig.
Then we added a new lock screen wallpaper and home page wall paper.
His is on the left, mine the right.
He's very happy with the new phone. Once he got used to it he says it's so much nicer than the old one.  I knew that!
We also picked up another personal mister.
 They're hand size and have a pump to pressurize it. When you press the button, a super fine mist comes out to help keep you cooler. It really worked!
The yellow/green one we got last year and used it for the walk from the bus stop to our house in Vegas last July. It worked so well, we wanted to each have one for our next trip this summer. It's exactly one mile from the bus stop to our house.
Oh, and I sold both sets of tires and rims. They went the same day I posted them.
And we went for a nice long walk since it was the only nice day of the weekend. Sunny and near 70.
And that's my update!

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  1. Congratulations on getting the tires sold!
    Hope your work week is a good one!