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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

we're getting square

Good morning.
It's been a very pleasant couple of days.
The paving of our parking areas were done by the time we got out of work on Saturday, so we were able to park in our regular area. It was odd getting up Sunday and not going to the Salon to clean. It was nice.  :-)
We took a couple of nice long walks  Sunday and Monday. Also on Sunday, while Craig did estimated taxes and book work, I went online researching. We are currently using a credit card terminal in the salon like the one below....
This is what we use when customers want to charge services or retail. We also let other stylists use it for their customers, then Craig reimburses the stylist, minus the transaction fee. The new owner doesn't want to deal with the extra paper work involved so the stylists will have to go to individual card readers or stop taking credit cards. I did some research and decided a good one for us is the Square.
It fits in the jack on your smartphone.
You down load the app, go online and set up an account, they mail you the reader for free, and your all set up to take credit cards. You just open the app, type in the amount, swipe the card,  they sign right on the phone, and you e-mail them a receipt. One of our stylists has been using it for a while now and it seems to work very well. Of course, you need a smartphone but all the stylists have one.
Now time for my shower and last day off.

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