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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Monday was very 'cleansing'. At least for Craig

Good morning.
After a very busy week in the Salon, it's nice having a lazy weekend.   :-)
Sunday, for a treat, we went over to Reno's for sun, drinks, and good food.
Part of that reason was on Monday, Craig had to begin his preparation for his Tuesday Colonoscopy. So nothing to eat or drink but clear broth, light colored jello,(which he hates) light colored Popsicle's, and tea or clear juice. He got through the day including the "cleansing' of the colon. (that means drinking all that stuff to flush you out)
Now, we wait until I take him in for his appointment at 1pm.
And after a day and a half with no food, he wants to go to Cheddar's when he's done for a big juicy hamburger.   :-)
So not a very 'fun' weekend, but we're trying to get doctor stuff done before we move. May take a while finding new ones. I have a physical on the 25th, and we both have dental cleanings the second week of August.
And with that, time for my shower.

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