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Sunday, July 17, 2016

weekend update

Good morning.
It was a fairly busy week in the Salon. But I did manage to get out early enough Friday and Saturday to get a couple of long walks in. The goodbyes have started in full now. I'm starting to do a lot of customers for the last time before we retire. A lot of other customers are booking a 'last' appointment the last week I'm here. Looks like my last week will be crazy busy.  :-/
This weekend, I'll bring up all the boxes we have in the storage locker in the laundry room. Need to go through and make sure we want all that stuff in Vegas, and make sure it's packed well enough for shipping. Monday I have blood drawn for my physical the following Monday, and Tuesday I have a 'house call' to do. A customer who has a herniated disc and can't drive.
We also went through and got rid of all our old VHS tapes. The movies we wanted to keep, I went online and downloaded them. I'll burn them to disks so we'll have them on DVDs.  There's only about 15 of them that we want, but they'll take up less space packing and I won't need the VHS player either.
So gonna be a busy weekend.
And with that, I'm off.

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