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Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Good evening.
Yes, an evening post. I'm trying desperately to stay awake later so I don't keep getting up so early. After 3 months here, I'm not having very good luck.   :-)
Anyway, I've got some pics of the wall cabinets I've added to the garage....
Of course, they come in 'kits' that need to be put together. We got 4 cabinets and placed them side by side along the back wall of the garage. We have a pretty deep garage, so plenty of room for them and to walk around the cars.
And here's the completed cabinets with the items we are storing underneath them.
Everything fits perfectly. Even room for the ladder at the end.
Craig originally was going to hire a handyman to mount the cabinets, but I said let me try to do it. I think they look pretty good! And saved us some money!   :-)
And I think we have enough Christmas lights to decorate the outside.
1400 lights total. When I get everything done, I'll take some pics.
Also, we did get our 4 turkeys. We have one thawing in the fridge right now. We also got a nice ham. Like I said, they have some good sales on meat. Our little chest freezer is pretty full.
And before I fall asleep here in the chair, time to go to bed.


  1. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Your cabinets look great! I need to get some desperately myself. I'm just worried I won't anchor them well enough and they land on the hood of the car. :/

  2. Looks great and well organized.
    Be careful when you hang the lights!
    A blessed Thanksgiving to you.