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Friday, December 09, 2016

catching up.

Good morning.
Here's some more pics from our little trip to the strip on Tuesday...
A shopping bazaar at the Planet Hollywood. That's me in the lower right.
All these buildings are actually indoors. The 'sky' is a huge dome that's painted and lighted to look like an evening sky.
This was here years ago when the hotel was called the Aladdin. It was Middle Eastern themed and they built this massive shopping district with the same theme. It circles around the entire casino and hotel. We were wondering if Planet Hollywood would change it. It was nice to see they kept it. It's really cool looking.
They even have a 'docked' ship.
There is always so much to see when going down to the strip. We plan many more excursions.
Back at home, we also added some greenery to the coach light on the garage and on a pillar near the front door.
With Wed. being the coldest day so far this fall, ( only a high of 52 with a lot of cold wind) we decided to stay inside and had a Christmas movie marathon. We spent the afternoon watching several movies I downloaded from the internet. It's a Merry Fricken Christmas, Christmas Reunion and The Kramps.  The first 2 I'd give 3 1/2 stars out of 5. Good movies with an enjoyable story, but not something we'd watch again. The 3rd was a little better.
Thursday was nicer, sunny and 55. Got our nice long walk in and started on our Christmas cards. It is suppose to get into the 60's for the next week. That will be very nice. Especially after seeing online the snow and cold back in Michigan. Tomorrow will be 4 months since we retired. Can't believe how fast it's gone.  I think we picked a good place and the right time.   :-)

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