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Thursday, December 29, 2016

I love retirement

Good afternoon.
No pics today. I haven't had anything I've done or gone anywhere to get pics.   :-)
It's been a beautiful couple of days. Sunny and around 60. We've gotten back out and been walking again as my foot seems to be just about healed. Helped out our neighbor across the street. They had a couple of flood lights in the kitchen out. Her husband is recovering from the flu and with 10 ft ceilings, she wasn't to keen on changing them herself. I was happy to help out. She them mentioned when she was adjusting her outdoor Christmas projector, the ground was very wet. I checked her drip system to find she had several drip lines that now were little fountains. Apparently the cheap 'heads' the builders original landscapers use tend to fail, as we've discovered over the last 2 years. I had extra drip heads and replaced them for her.
We also fed-ex the 1099's back to Lansing for the ex staff. The last thing Craig had to do for the former business.
And speaking of that, I have to say, retirement is just the BEST thing! It's GREAT! Doing what you want and when you want. I might get a little bored here and there, but definitely not enough to EVER go back to work! I miss a lot of people, but not the work! But there was a lot more than just doing hair. Running a business while doing hair is a lot of work! I happy it's done.
So, that's my post for today.   :-)


  1. Don't forget: retirement is 24/7! Haha!

  2. The only drawback I have found is after a while, you might forget which day it is. Yesterday I would have sworn it was Friday. It felt like Friday all day. And today should be Saturday, but it isn't, haha!

    Getting up when you want is good, too. We got to Ft. Polk yesterday and I said "good morning" to the young man at the gate. And he replied, "well it was, but now it's good afternoon". We had a good laugh about that because Hubby said "Well, we're retired. We've only been up a couple hours."
    He meant he'd only been up a couple hours, but you get the idea.

    Too bad you have to work so many years so you can finally retire!

  3. Is everything okay? You have not posted for a long time.

  4. I can't wait to retire!