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Thursday, January 12, 2017

blah blah

Good morning.
It's been 4 days since my last post and the reason is we haven't done much of anything.   :-)
Finally cleaned up the leaves in the back yard on Monday.
We went to a little cocktail party at one of the neighbors to watch some of the Golden Globes, but no trips or casinos.
Got a nice phone call from a former customer. Was nice to hear from her except she informed me of the passing of another long time customer of mine. She passed back in Nov. So, to keep up, I've decided to subscribe to the Lansing newspaper so we can stay informed of news and obits. It was only $10 for the digital version for a year.
We've had mostly nice weather with temps near or in the low 60's. Had a very windy day yesterday and rain is forecast for Friday.
For those concerned about all the rain and flooding, that's all way north of us. But all the rain and snow in the Sierra's  and Rockies should help to alleviate some of the drought. They are already over 100% of the normal so far.  That's of course if the rest of the winter is at least normal. We'll see. But it's a real good start.
My foot seems to be doing better, so I'm back to twice a day walks. We also hit the gym on Tuesday.
Today is Craig's doctor appointment. Hope he likes the doctor because he hates going to them.
It's amazing how fast time goes even when we aren't working. I can't really say what we've done the past 4 days, but we haven't been bored! And Sat. it'll be 5 months since we retired. Unbelievable!
So that's it for now.


  1. Glad to read your foot is feeling better.
    We did that on Okinawa; subscribed to a Sunday paper back before the digital age.
    Have a blessed weekend!

    1. Was it like 2 weeks late?