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Thursday, May 04, 2017

look if you dare

Good morning.
- -
Possible gross out! 
Heavily stitched finger pic ahead!...

Here's an update on Craig's finger.....

This pic was taken on Tuesday at the the therapy office. They took his old bandages off and added a different finger brace and Velcro straps so he can easily remove it at home to do his finger/hand exercises So they let me take a pic while everything was off.
It looks like it hurts more than it does. Craig took pain pills for just the first 3 days. Now he occasionally takes aspirin. But says it doesn't bother him unless he touches the stitches. He's started doing exercises at home between therapy appointments. That is making his hand ache some. Can't bend that finger much, but it's still a bit swollen, and I don't think the stitches help with movement either.
The stitches will stay in for another 10-12 days according to his surgeon which he sees again on Friday.
In other news.....
Not much. There was a patio party at a neighbors yesterday. Lot's of tasty food. I loaned our patio table and chairs as there were more people than they had furniture for. Was a beautiful afternoon/evening.
I thought my laptop was totally dead. I left in on one day burning a DVD while we went to another patio party. When I got home, it wouldn't wake up. I forced a shutdown and it wouldn't power back on. I'd get the logo screen and then it went dark and just sat there. Couldn't get it into safe mode either. I went online with my desktop and tried everything . Finally, I was able to to get to a place where I had an option to completely reinstall the system. So I tried that, and it seems to have worked. Of course, now it's just like a brand new puter,  as everything I had added to it over the last 11 years was wiped out by the reinstall. But at least it doesn't look like I have to get a new one. So I'm busy reinstalling stuff, and I hope it continues to work.
Neighbors are starting to get ready to leave. A lot of residents just spend the winters here and go back 'home' for the summer. They start leaving around early May and by June, our community will be a lot quieter. The patio party yesterday was a sort of a goodbye for the summer party.
So I think that's all for right now.

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