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Saturday, August 12, 2017

1 year already

Good morning.
It's been a busy week so far. Wed we did our free weekly senior slot tournament  and once again, I made it into the top 50 and won $25! That's 3 times now and it doesn't cost us a thing! We don't even stay and play so it's just free money! Thursday was haircut day. Friday was Craig's last appointment with the Orthopedic surgeon for his finger. He has good flexibility with it but still a lot of scar tissue. The doctor says it will soften over time. Keep massaging it and use vitamin e oil.
Today, is exactly 1 year since we 'retired'.  It's been great! We still like our home, still like our neighborhood and still like southern Nevada. It's a bit hot in the summer, but we'll take the summer heat for 2 months over the bitter cold for 4 months. And I can still go out in the morning before it gets too warm. It's 79 out this morning. Perfect weather for a walk, which I'll do as soon as I finish this post.
And here's a few pics of my walk yesterday morning which took me around the community center...

This last pic is our street. Our house is way down on the left. And that's the Sheep Mountains in the distance. We had lunch at the 3100 Grille on Thursday and the dining area overlooks the golf course and mountains. I still haven't tired of that view. it's similar to the top pic.
But in honor of our 1 year, we're going to splurge and have frozen pizza for dinner. We like the Freschetta brand. Craig just adds a little more cheese. Don't we live the wild life?   :-)
Well, time for my walk....

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