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Thursday, January 18, 2018

mid week update

Good morning.
I've just returned from my morning walk with a neighbor. She's been walking with me nearly every day now. Makes the time go faster.   :-)
We cooked our 2nd turkey last Sunday, and Tuesday used both of the carcasses and liquid from the roaster and veggie scraps Craig has saved over time and made a huge batch of broth. Froze 12 pints of the rich tasty liquid. Craig likes using it for making mashed potatoes, boiling rice, steaming veggies and in casseroles.  We're not really soup people, but it would be really good for that too!
Monday we cut each other's hair. Craig's color has completely grown out now and he's about 40 % grey. I'll try to get a pic to post sometime.
Today looks to be our last day with above normal temps. We've had a very nice Dec and Jan so far, but looks like the next couple of weeks will be near 'normal', which is upper 50's.  Still, not as cold as back in Michigan, and our 'spring' is only about a month away.  :-)
Looking back on my previous posts, I forgot to say my doctor's appointment went very well. My Cholesterol was 190 and my liver functions were normal. So my new meds are working as they should. I was especially happy since I had my blood drawn on Jan 2nd and Jan 1st went to a wine and cheese party, and New Years Eve, ate pizza and wings!  I was sure my Cholesterol would have been up after all that!
Well, that's it for now....

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