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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Labor Day - Chicago pt 2

Here's some more pics
of millennium Park!
This is called the
Crown Fountain.
It consists of two 50 ft glass block towers
at each end of a reflecting pool.
Water comes down the sides of the towers.
And they light up from the inside at night!

The pool is only about two inches deep.
Kids love to run thru it!

At about ten minute intervals,
they put a face on the screen
inside the blocks.

They supposedly have a thousand
faces that rotate

It's a short video of the face.

You see them blink and look and
then after about ten minutes,
the close their eyes, purse their
lips and a large stream of water
comes out of the wall!
Much to the kids delight!

It's really quite cool and
people seem to love it!
And in between when the faces
are showing, they have
patterns that run under the water!

A great place to cool off the
kids during your sightseeing!

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