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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Labor Day - Chicago

Back in my original Labor Day post, I mentioned taking the train to Chicago. Well, we got to the station Saturday morning at about 7:20 am for the 7:40 train, and they announced over the speaker that the service was indefinitely suspended do to an emergency. Being so close to Chicago, we thought we'd drive into the city instead. Good thing we did. Found out the next day the train collided with a freight train and service wasn't restored until 4 pm.
In Chicago, the first place
we went was to
Millennium Park.
It's at the north end of Grant Park.

This is a picture of the curved walkway

with shiny steel curved sides.

It's called the BP Bridge. You can guess

who paid for it. Actually,

Everything in millennium park

was paid for by private donations.

No city money used!

The next pic is the Pavilion.

An enormous open air

entertainment venue.

It has seats down near the stage,

and lots of lawn seating.

The over head grid has

speakers so there's not a

bad seat anywhere!

The next is offically called Cloud Gate,

But everyone in Chicago calls it the Bean!

I'm not sure why. lol

It's cool how it reflects

the city no matter where you stand!

There's more, but I gotta get to work!

Will post later!


  1. Looks like it might be shaped like a bean, but it's hard to tell with all the reflections. :P

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