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Friday, October 13, 2006


One of the perennials
that give a garden
texture and dimension
are ornamental grasses.
They come in a
variety of sizes.
From a foot high,
to over ten feet tall!

I have a number of
different grasses.

I won't get into the
botanical name,
mainly since they
are too hard to spell.

What I really love
about grasses are
when they bloom
in the fall!

The ones around
the tree are called
"Little Bunny"
fountain grass.
At the end of the
they are variegated
fountain grass.

And the tall one
in the middle of the
planting is a banded grass.

And a favorite of mine is a short 18in. grass called
Japanese Blood Grass. A very colorful grass.
But a spreader. Not clump forming like the others.
I enjoy lots of different plants in the garden!

And don't forget,
click on the pics for a larger view!

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