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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tuesday October 10

First, thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday!
Yep, for those who didn't know, today is it!

Went back to Saugatuck last weekend for what I believe was our last mo-ho trip of the year.
boo-hoo. Soon we'll need to winterize and store it for the l-o-n-g winter!
While there we went to
Holland State Park.
There were tons of
small sail boats going out the channel.
It really wasn't very warm for that,
but I guess if your a diehard sailor!
The campground here was
already closed for the season.

Like many of the state parks.
They all close around
late Sept. to late Oct.

It was a really nice weekend
other than a little cool.

Just a few miles north of
Holland State Park we went to
Tunnel Park.
It's a county park
Craig use to go to as a child.

It has a tunnel you go thru
to get to the beach.
It didn't look like they really
needed a tunnel, as the
dunes weren't very much above it.

Craig said they use to be way above it.
Things change.

Craig also said the beach
is way larger then he remembers.
But the lake levels are
suppose to be down now.

The beach was beautiful
although quite deserted.
But it isn't swimmin weather!

Still, enjoyed the views and
had a nice campfire
in the evening!

Will miss the mo-ho this winter!

1 comment:

  1. A last, nice weekend. :) More to be had next year, I'm sure.
    Hope you had a good birthday, Bro. :)