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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Here It Comes!

Well, Our week of very mild weather is coming to a screeching halt! Yesterday it was in the 60,s and Sunday it's not even going to reach 30!
That big blue H in the middle of the
country is pulling in very cold Canadian air,
driving the temps way down!
You can see the temperature
change on the map as the cold
moves in.

Right now we're getting a lot of rain, but by tonight, 1-2 inches of the white stuff. I can't even say that four letter word!

I know it's all most December,
And we've all ready had some of that white stuff,
but I'm never ready for it to stay.

And I'll be happy to post pictures because I know
all you people who went south will really miss it!

Which reminds me......
I better check and make sure
my snow blower is working!

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