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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tech tip!

Today I'm going to tell anyone who has a RV about a better way to dump their tanks!

I installed a Macerator pump.
Click the pic for a better view.

I got rid of that three inch
wide leaking coiled mess.

Don't know who invented that!

But this Macerator pump is the
cure for those who dread the task!

It's soooo simple to use!

It twists on your dump valve, and
stays there! You don't need to remove it
every time ! Only 9.5 in long!

Got the original idea from Hitchitch.

But mine is better suited for a motor home.

Not being an electrical type of guy, I put an additional
12 volt battery in the compartment
next to it and the pump has jumper
like cables that I hook to the battery
to start the pump.
To use you just uncoil the hose,
take the screw cap off the end,
and put it in the drain,
and turn it on and open the dump values.
Of course black first then grey.
There's a clear connector between the
pump and the hose,
so you can see when there is
nothing more coming out.
And it does take a little longer
to empty the tanks.
But when your done, you replace
the end cap and roll up the hose, and done!
No drippy mess!
These should come standard in every motor home!

1 comment:

  1. These are great, aren't they. I have one like this as well. No more mess as before. Good article!