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Sunday, December 24, 2006

family Christmas

Today we had the family Christmas.
And there were boatloads of people!
Didn't realize our family had gotten
so large!
My brother Louie and his wife
Bonnie hosted the event.
They live in Zeeland Michigan,
They made the food,
and were wonderful hosts!
All they asked was we bring
some Christmas spirit and a desert.
We sprung mom from the nursing
home for the day. She seemed to
really enjoy the the change of scenery.
She's doing so much better. Still weak,
but we hope she'll get stronger.
Craig and I brought a Craig's family desert.
Called a Graham Cracker Pudding Cake.
It is so tasty!
I know you want it!
Here's the recipe.....
Graham Cracker Pudding Cake
-Graham Crackers
-Chocolate pudding
-Cool Whip
Place crackers on a serving plate,
any shape or size.
Spread pudding on cracker,
about the thickness of the cracker.
Then alternate pudding and
cracker until you reach the
size you want.
Cover and refrigerate till morning.
spread cool whip over top and sides,
maybe some colored sugar sprinkles,
and serve.
It is so tasty!!

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