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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I Hate Computers

I have this love/hate relationship with my computer. I love it for all that it can do. And I hate it when it doesn't do it.
Case in point.
For Christmas I got a new PC game. 1701 A. D. I'm really a strategy game junkie. I can play them for hours at a time. Craig looks and thinks, "That looks like work. And your not even getting paid for it." He just doesn't understand!
But back to this love/hate thing. My computer is 3 years old. When I bought it I loaded it with the top memory and graphics card for gaming. So, loaded the new game, and it won't play! Damn, I hate that. So, I dig out the help file, and start reading. And I always do that, jump right in to a project, and when something goes wrong, then I read directions. But more on that later. I find that my 128mb GeForce 4600 graphics card is not supported! They only go back to the 4800! Crap! So off to Best Buy to get an upgrade. So all I need is the next step up, a 256 card. But of course I decide on the 512. More Power! , is what I always say! I find one and just before I leave, decide to check with a sales person to make sure I've got the right one. Of course, I didn't! I picked up a PCI and needed a AGP. what the f*^k! Find out the older computers had an AGP slot and the newer ones have a PCI slot. What ever the f*^k that means.
So I get it home and think, this should be easy.
So turn off the puter, open the case,
pull out the old one, put in the new one,
close the case, and restart the computer.
Easy enough, but the game won't play!
Okay, where's the directions!
You'd think I'd learn huh?
Well, I find I was suppose to
un-install the old drivers first,
so I do that. Then it came with an install disc, so I do that.
Still no good. So off to their homepage. Say's I need updated drivers. What? I just bought the damn thing! Okay, downloaded the drivers. Still no good. Then I realize the control center isn't right. So I un-install the whole damn thing, and then re-install. Finally, everything works now!
It probably would have been easier,
If I followed the directions first.
But that would be more of a female thing, right?
Here's a pic of the old one and the
new, smaller, more powerful, new one.
It's almost to pretty to hide in the case.


  1. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Yup. They get you coming and going, lol. Ken could tell you the difference between AGP and PCI, but all I know is how it draws the graphics. PCI is faster, I think, hence why it's in the newer computers.
    But fortunately the older bus's are still supported.


  2. That's why I keep Bruce around. ;P

  3. Boy does this ever sound familiar! I got some new pc games over the summer and they would not play! My puter was a little bit outdated anyway (2 yrs old) so I just bought a new one. But hubby had to go buy all that stuff for his so he could play them.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

  4. God, I've got a headache just reading this. Ick. Puke. Take two extra strength Tylenol....callme in the morning

  5. Yelp...I feel your frustration. I do this for a living and often experience the same thing. Sometimes I wish that I had chosen pumping gas instead. Maybe we should all switch to a Mac...damn that Microsoft!