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Monday, January 15, 2007

Winter hath returned

After a very mild December and even the first two weeks of January, winter's back!
Last night we were hit with freezing rain, followed by sleet,
and finally some snow to hide all the ice. Looks like it's going to be here a while.
If winter wasn't so long, I think I could actually enjoy it.
Snow and ice can transform the landscape into something
really beautiful.
I mainly hate the cold.
And the dreary days with no sun.
But I do have my PC games, (I'm addicted to them),
my blog, (which I am really enjoying),
planning mo-ho trips for the coming summer,
(I love camping in our mo-ho),and of course work.
(we all gotta do that, right?)

So here's some pics from my yard.

I'm sure all my warm weather readers will be envious
that they can't enjoy all this beauty!


  1. I love how ice forms on tree branches....and you have a pond in your back yard!!! Kool! I am a winter person and we are expecting our first storm tonight...can't wait!!!
    Does your Mo-Ho have a name or is Mo-Ho it's name?

  2. mikey said...
    "Does your Mo-Ho have a name or is Mo-Ho it's name?"

    We call him the "BIG GUY"

  3. I think much of the nation, except for the East, is frozen solid...I know we are. Beautiful, cold, blue sky, windy. It's something else. I love your pics!

  4. lewis said,
    "I think much of the nation, except for the East, is frozen solid"

    I feel your pain.

  5. morgen said

    I know

  6. nice blog and thanks for the visit! i have a friend with a mo ho and they love to eat also. they call theirs "mow" meals on wheels!

  7. yes i envy you! im living @ the equator and there is no snow whatsoever in my whole life. Its only sun and rain! and on several times, both of them shows up. :)

    thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  8. Empress bee said

    "nice blog and thanks for the visit!"

    Wayne said,
    Yours is nice too, I'll be back!

  9. nevens manafe said

    "yes I envy you"

    Wayne said,
    No, I envy YOU!