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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Normally for Christmas, Craig cooks a turkey. But with my mom in the hospital and us spending all our free time in Muskegon, we just didn't get around to it. So yesterday he finally cooked it! I love turkey. When it's on sale around Thanksgiving, we usually buy 3 or 4 and stick them in the freezer.
They're soooo cheap then.
We eat one for Thanksgiving,
one at Christmas, and one in February and March.
Craig is an amazing cook.
I've never seen anyone who could go thru the cupboard and find enough stuff to put together a delicious meal.
He loves to cook, and I love to eat.
Add in mashed potatoes and gravy, and some butternut squash,
and we had a delicious meal!


  1. Big Turkey long as it is white meat. Gotta watch the gut! shhh..I do sneak a little dark from time to time.
    Great combo...great cook and a person who likes to eat!

  2. Just like I love eggs and bacon and sausage for dinner, I love Turkey at other times than the holidays - what did Craig do to this one to make it so good - it looks delicious!

  3. Mikey said...

    "Great combo...great cook and a person who likes to eat!"

    Wayne said...
    Yea Mikey, we seem to compliment each other..

  4. Spider said....

    "Just like I love eggs and bacon and sausage for dinner."

    Wayne said....
    I never got into eggs for anything but breakfast.

  5. I love turkey, esp at times of the year when you don't expect it!
    Dark meat is my favorite (Yes, I'm a thigh man!)

    Mmmm... now I'm hungry!

  6. Morgan said

    "Dark meat is my favorite"

    Wayne said,
    Yae mine too! Craigs like the white, so it's perfect!

  7. Turkey is a hell of a meal at any time.

    In fact...

    I'm suddenly hungry for turkey. ;)


  8. Not so much a meat eater...but, if I had to, white. Definitely. I'm a major cook myself....Hey, if you gotta eat, you'd might as well make it amazing!