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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

how low will it go

Took these pics on the way to work this morning.
As you can see, another dreary day in mid Michigan,
I'm told both the east and west sides
of the state tend to be much sunnier.
It figures.

Over the past couple of months,
the price at the pump has slowly
dropped. They say a mild winter and
decreased global demand is the reason.
I think that's just f#*kin crap.
There is so much oil, there is no reason
that the price needs to go up
like it did last summer.

But anyway, how much lower do you think it will go?
I never thought it would ever go below $2 again.
I wish my mo-ho was on empty so I could fill It up.

The last pic is a Meijer Gas station.
You say, so what? But if you haven't lived in Michigan
or the surrounding states, You don't know that this is where Walmart came up with the Super Walmart Idea.
Meijer was a pioneer for the one stop shopping.
If you go into a Meijer store, you can see that

Wallmart must have taken pics of they're layout
and duplicated it.
I always miss having a Meijer store when we travel.
It's nice to be able to find everything you need in one place.
Super Wallmart is okay, but the quality of merchandise
isn't as good.

I just know by next summer,
they will find a reason to raise the prices again.

Enjoy the "cheap gas" while you have it.


  1. Yes, the prices are down here in Montreal as well. Hope it continues. Gas here is still going for 3.17 a gallon US(.85 a litre). That is down from 4.58 US(1.20 a litre). Taxes are much higher here which is why gas is more expensive here than in the states.
    Enjoy it while you can...


  2. my prideblog said

    "Gas here is still going for 3.17 a gallon US,down from 4.58"

    Wow, I thought Our gas got expensive!


  3. We should enjoy it while we can --
    I heard a story on NPR at how the OPEC guys are freaking out over the low cost of oil per barrel -- less profits for them, so they are going to slow down productivity to drive the prices up again.
    What assholes.
    Heaven forbid the price of gas should stay under $2 a gallon.
    By the way: we're Meijers shoppers, too. We HATE Wally World, and refuse to go in them unless it's an absolute last resort.

  4. morgan said,

    "We should enjoy it while we can --"

    Yea, you know it'll go back up by summer.