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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A nice afternoon

Yesterday, after our walk,
and booking mo-ho trips,
Craig spent the afternoon doing
laundry and bookwork.
I spent most of that time playing
one of my computer games.
If you remember from an earlier
post, I'm a computer game junkie.
I can play for hours.
Especially if I can't be outside
and play in the dirt.

The game I'm playing right now
is 1503 A.D.
It's an empire building strategy game.
You settle islands, build cities, and such.
I won't bore you with all the details,
If your interested you can always
Google it.

And as I was playing ,
Craig fixed another
delicious meal.
He took stuffing mix, added frozen
corn, put in a casserole dish.
Took boneless chicken breasts,
coated with egg beaters,
(one of those egg substitutes)
and coated them with
Kikkoman Bread Crumbs.
They are the best for baking.
Tastes just like pan fried!
Well pretty darn close!
Put the chicken on top of the stuffing and bake.
Bake an Acorn squash,
add some honey and fakin bacon bits.
An you have a tasty meal!
Low fat too!
Click on the pic to make
yourself really hungry!


  1. sounds like a wonderful day. Nothing like spending time with the one you love in your home.

  2. you are a lucky, lucky man.
    dinner looks delish!
    I've got a similar empire-building game, but mine is called Pharaoh -- you build Egypt

  3. scott said,
    "sounds like a wonderful day,"

    Yes it was.

  4. morgen said,
    "I've got a similar empire-building game, but mine is called Pharaoh"

    Yep, got that one too!

  5. You're did make me hungry. ;)


  6. steven said,
    "it did make me hungry"

    I knew it would!

  7. Yum, Mike and I took our yearly naked shots of each other Jan 1st, and decided it's time for us to go on the south beach diet, hopefully our after shots won't take too long.

  8. Wayne - Pharaoh (not surprisingly is my favorite) but I have Zeus also. And Caesar. Except Caesar annoys me with its "plebs are needed" voiceover.
    Now I want to go home and build a city on the Nile!

  9. I love the theme for your blog..Makes you want to jump through the monitor & just float around..Ok now that I have managed to sound a little crazy.
    And Strategy Games!! I absolutely love em! Have played Caesar, Zues, Pharoah, Cleopatra but never heard of 1503 AD will definately have a google at it...
    Thankyou for sharing your treasured moments..

  10. shaney said,
    "Ok now that I have managed to sound a little crazy."

    I love a little crazy!