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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


What a difference a few days make!
In the first picture, posted here back on March 4th,
we were still in the icy grips of winter.
But over the last couple of weeks,
we warmed up into the 40's.
This last weekend, in the 50's.
Yesterday it hit 70!

The second pic was taken on Sunday,
and the last one yesterday.
The snow is almost gone!
It is suppose to get cold again this weekend,
but the long term forecast is looking good.
I think spring is on it's way!

Spent the weekend,(remember, mine is Sun.-Tues.)
Washing all the dishes and such for the Motor home,
Won't be long and we'll be taken it out on the road again!

Also picked up branches, trimmed back some bushes,
And of course spent way to much time on the puter.

Now it's back to work for me.


  1. I wish someone had trimmed back my bush this weekend.....

    T :-)

  2. Oh -- when you have the urge to pick up sticks again, I bet I could fill your motorhome with what came down in the ice storm in my yard!

  3. Joseph1:40 PM

    We have had the same experience here in Chicago. Yesterday was a magnificent day, but today is much cooler and snow showers are predicted for tomorrow. Spring, however, is not far off. It felt good to work outside again. I wish my yard looked as beautiful as yours.

  4. I was keeping my fingers crossed for an early spring in New England. Right now, it's 65 and sunny. Friday & Saturday: cold/snow. Damn.

  5. It seems like your winter is receeding judging by the great pics.

    Here we have plummeted to 10c and it really felt like winter today and it is only early March!

    You are crazy having your seasons in reverse to us! :)

    Have a great day.
    Kev in NZ

  6. What is the cold and snow to which you refer? 3 years in Phoenix and I'm having a continuous summer. That will soon change with my move back to Dallas. Hope it stays warm for you.

  7. I noticed the changes greatly today as well! I do not have sticks to pic up or any Motor home to get ready, but I will trim my bush

  8. um...nice music.

  9. See, there is good luck around St. Patrick's Day!

  10. Yes, the warm weather here in Midland was a welcome relief. However, the Tittabawasee threatened to flood our home. My husband and I have lived here for two years, and both years have been faced with flooding. I miss the desert! Good to find other bloggers in the Michigan area.

    Mike aka Pistolotto

  11. I'm looking forward to your future gardening pics...I may learn a thing or 2.

  12. I'm looking forward to your future gardening pics...I may learn a thing or 2.

  13. Anonymous12:45 AM

    oh spring has sprung!! the snow is going going gone ( well at least in the city) and the gardens are beginning to grow. Nothing bring a spirit up like the first buds of spring.

  14. The snow looks so pretty though...
    But I bet you must look forward to spring each year...xoxo
    My weekend is Sun-Tues also...Shame about the distance we could do coffee...*winks*