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Monday, March 12, 2007

The Wrens Nest.

Today's post is for my Blogger Buddy Morgen .
He owns a business called The Wrens Nest.
Today is his on-line store's,
Grand Opening!
Owning a business myself, I know how much work
that can be. And I was amazed at how much time it
took to get his on-line store up and running!

This is his brick and mortar store in beautiful downtown
Dowagiac, Michigan. The store carries a wide selection of
unique gifts as well as variety of wonderful things for the home.
Am I starting to sound like a paid advertisement?
Well, it's not.
I just know how difficult it is to run a successful business, so I'm giving my friend a little free plug here.
So click on this link, and check out his Great stuff!

Oh, and if you want to visit his brick and mortar store.
You'll find Dowagiac, in southwestern Michigan.

Happy shopping!


  1. Your a good Buddy! His new site looks great and I wish him every success.

  2. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Hey Wayne,

    The clock on your blog is wrong. :)


  3. Wayne, I cannot thank you enough for this post!
    I truly appreciate the free plug!
    Words cannot express my gratitude, my friend!
    All I can say is "thanks!"
    ~ Morgen