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Friday, March 09, 2007

Our Salon

Well, I finally got thru my 2 long days, and have a chance to post.
As of next month, we will have been in this Salon for 10 years. This is our 2nd Salon. Our first one we owned for 12 years, and was much larger. After getting a little burnt out working in, and running such a large business (anyone who owns their own business will understand) we decided to sell. We worked as independent contractors for awhile. ( which means we rented a chair in another salon, we weren't their employee) Then we opened this Salon, and made it a rental Salon.
That means all the stylist who work here are self-employed.
They rent their space from me.
They set their own hours.
They have a phone at their station with their own extension,
so they make their own appointments. They buy their own supplies, charge their own prices, and the customer pays them directly. They do their own estimated taxes.
This set-up works great for the stylist and us.
So here's a pic of me in our Salon. For more pics, go to this album at Webshots.
Our Salon

As always, click on the pic for a larger view!


  1. The salon looks fantastic. you should be really proud of yourselves.
    (nice legs BTW)

  2. What sharp space - and what a great way to run a salon. And I agree with Albert - GREAT legs!

  3. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Wow that salon is way cool!! Very impressed. When you are ready to open a second one, maybe consider San Diego...


  4. What a fantastic idea. That way everyone is a winner. You should try and open a salon here in New Zealand. I'd also make an appointment for YOU to cut my hair!

    I agree with Albert, very nice legs....Any chance of seeing a close up ;)

    Kevin in New Zealand.

  5. Looks like an amazing beautiful, clean, and bright. So happy for you guys...your success and finding out what works/and doesn't work for you.

  6. That looks like a very nice place. I got out of being self employed after just five years in favor of the corporate world. No regrets, but I do miss it from time to time. Lots of hard work but very satisfying being your own boss. Congrats on your success.

  7. Well...very nice looking place - Congratulations on your business success.

    Thanks for stopping by our blog and thanks for the great and sometimes very cute comments - we appreciate it.

    Ya, Culvers did such - but the meatloaf was great.

    Have a really great weekend...

  8. I like the idea too. And it is a nice shop. I like the glass block.

  9. Went out and checked out the rest of the salon pictures. Great place!
    Love the brick & sun on the back wall.
    I didn't know there were such places as a "rental" salon - that's a great idea!
    So, do you still do hair yourself, or just manage the business part?

  10. Sounds wonderful....Certainly much better than having to look after staffing, wages, contracts etc etc....So long as your all happy, thats all that maters...xoxo