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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

When I Die

In thinking about the post I did a couple posts back, about funerals and such, I've wondered, who has their final resting place planned?
I for one, will not have anyone staring at me in a casket!
That is just too gross! They never look 'good'!
So I plan on being cremated.
Craig and I have talked about this , and this is how it will happen.
If I go first, my ashes will be put into vials and placed
in the salon for anyone to take and do with me as they please!
But I can't decide if I want the clear, green, or blue!

I'll suggest they put me in their flower beds to nourish their plants. (me being a gardener)
Unless they just want to keep me lying around somewhere. Heck, They can flush me down the toilet if they want!
Craig will (hopefully) keep a vial of me in a special place for himself.
As for Craig, He wants his ashes to be thrown
off an overlook at Lake Powell, Utah, with this cool bridge!
He loves this place! This pic has his '88' Thunderbird in it on our first of 3 trips to this area. And he has a pic of each car he had at the time,
taken in the same spot, all framed on a wall.

And it'll be a road trip for me!
Hopefully this won't happen for a long time.. But then again, at some point, it will.
And if we both go at the same time, we'll both be cremated and our ashes mixed together. And our families can do what they want with them, since it won't really matter at that point.
Please, if you have a loved one, take the time to prepare for this.
In most states, the next of kin has control of the body!


  1. i've had my niche for quite a number of years. it was a deal with my mother. when my father died i told her i was going to be cremated and she was horrified. the compromise we made to assuage her was that it would be okay as long as the ashes were buried in her plot. needless to say, the cemetery had some thoughts on that and it can't happen. they built a little columbarium directly across from where my parents and sister are buried and that's where the ashes will go.

    however, i would really love for half of the ashes to go there and the other half to go to Cimetiere Pere Lechaise in Paris. it's one of my favorite spots in Paris. Jim Morrison is buried there.

    as far as services - none. i've instructed my friends to take some of the money (if there is any left by then) and have a party/dinner. i've planned and been to too many funerals and i think that the tradition is barbaric. it should be a celebration not a morbid/sad thing. the one requirement i've set is that iron horse champagne must to be served!

    one day you're here and the next day you're not. you've got to plan for not being here. though, if you're not here how will you know what anyone will do?

  2. We're both being cremated, too.
    Both of us want to be scattered into Lake Michigan.
    And both of our mothers know this, in case we go together.
    And we have it stated plainly in our wills, in a special codicil.

  3. We have made no plans for this....and we're the ones to blame for our procrastination. It's not good, I know. We just plain old have not taken care of business. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Norm & I were just talking about this very subject the other night. Both of our families are Catholic, but our parents and siblings know what we want done, and have agreed. We still haven't done any paperwork, though. I have to get on that soon.

    Mixing your ashes together is something we've never thought of, though. I'm going to see what he thinks about that. Thanks for the idea.

    I'm just hoping we both make it to a ripe old age before anything happens.

  5. I have planned to be cremated as well. For a time I thought that I would have my ashes split in to three: 1. for my family's columbarium at the Cathedrial of St. John the Divine. 2) for my partner. 3) to be dropped into the marshlands that surround us.

    When I was in college I wanted to have my ashes combined with a bunch of pot and have my friends smoke me. I have since learned of the huge amounf of ashes a body can leave so it would have to be a couple of pounds in reality.

    Now Wayne comes up with his bottle idea! Brilliant! I can keep my 3 choices, add in friends, family and foes and when my partner passes we can have our ashes mixed together with those of our pets and dropped into the ocean.

    I'm for the blue bottles. Although I bet you could find some unusual ones from Murano Italy.

  6. Wow, that is something Steve and I have not talked about.

    I'm kind of in favor of living - like for ever! :-)

  7. I have everything all planned out and written down. Once you do it, it is done and unless something changes, it never has to be thought about again

  8. use multi colors so peopel can choose teh one that they fancy. yes burn my body (about as useful as an old worn out glove) and dump me in my garden

  9. I'd pick blue and green bottles...thanks for stopping by my blog.

  10. Anonymous2:31 PM

    And where can one find these types of vials? Just what I want, but need to purchase before hand and the kids need to know where they are!! Thanks.


  11. Hi Barbara, thanks for visiting.
    Just google vials, and you'll find lots.