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Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day weekend

Hi all, we're back!
For Mother's Day, we took our motor home to
Muskegon State Park.
The city of Muskegon is on the other end of
Muskegon Lake.
And we were about 90 miles from Lansing.

It's a nice campground on lake
Michigan and Muskegon lake.
We were in the channel campground.
on Muskegon lake near the
channel to lake Michigan. I took this pic from the top of a sand dune.

My Mom lives in Muskegon and
had not seen the motor home yet.
As you can see from the pics,
we had a beautiful site!
A nice large pull thru site with
no neighbors on our right!

We picked up Mom, and took her to see our mo-ho.
She seemed to really like it.
After that we went to Red Lobster for lunch.
We met 3 of my other brothers there.
With their wives and a couple of kids,
we had a group of 11!
Mom was quite surprised!
She thought it was going to be just the 3 of us!
After lunch, I took mom to the "club"(the VFW),

for "refreshments", (cocktails) and some "pull tabs".
(won a little, lost a little)
Later, after we took Mom back to her apartment,
two of my brothers and their families came to the campground to check out our motor home.

It was a nice weekend!


  1. ooooo that DOES look really nice at the campsite. And from that one picture the inside of the Moho seems SO plush! Nice!
    Lunch was nice but really hard to really get the chance to talk to anyone who wasn't right beside ya. But it was still good to see everyone and I'm glad Mom was surprised. :)

    By the way, the cake didn't do any damage to Ben on the long drive home. hehe

    Oh and....YOU'RE........GAY???? ;P

  2. I went to a fine arts camp up near Muskegon and had a really good friend who lived there. Lovely. Sounds like a really great weekend!!

  3. Sounds, and looks, absolutely lovely. A most excellent way to spend one's time.
    (PS...Mom actually looks like she's halfway pleased to have you as her son!)

  4. johnmichael9:26 PM

    That thing looks hard to drive!!

  5. Nice pics. The lake scenery looks great.

  6. Anonymous2:56 PM

    I am jealous of your mo-ho. lol. Ken doesn't want one that big though. :P

    Still. Glad everyone had a good time. Mom looks really happy. :)

    *Hugs and Love*