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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

As Spring Bursts Forth.

With some warmer weather and quite a bit of rain,
The plants are really coming up!
This first pic is a Thread Leaf Japanese Maple.

I love how the leaves look shredded.
It's a small ornamental tree.
will not get much more than 10 feet tall.
It is 7 ft. now.

I have a shade garden with a dozen different Ferns. These are the tallest
at about 3ft. They spread quite rapidly.
So I've added some of them to my plant sale.
Which by the way stands at about 170 plants!

This next pic is also my shade garden.
It's called Solomon's Seal.
It has clusters of white bell shaped flowers that hang from the stems. The large leafed plants with them are called Ligularia Dentada. The will have yellow daisy like flowers this summer.

The pink bush next to the deck is an Azalea. The Japanese Maple is at the opposite end.

I also have my first Tree Peony in bloom!
They bloom earlier than the Herbaceous types.
It is a gorgeous double pink!
Tree Peonies unlike Herbaceous Peonies do not die to the ground each year. Actually Tree Peonies aren't really trees, they are more like shrubs. They develop a woody trunk. And are very slow growing. After many years they can reach 6ft tall! And the flowers are huge!

This pink one is about 10 inches across!
Well, that's my yard so far!
I'll add more pics
as the yard develops!
And click on the pics for a better veiw!


  1. Wow! You really have a talent for this. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Joseph2:26 PM

    Your yard is truly amazing, Wayne, and definitely shows all the planning and work that you two have put into it. I have never heard of a tree peony before. I will have to investigate it. I love working outside and sometimes wish we lived in a warm climate all year long, but when spring comes and the plants and trees start budding and changing, it almost makes it worth putting up with winter.

  4. Are those Boston Ferns in the ground? I've never seen them that way. My mom always had them hanging from pots. I LOVED them. They are very cool looking coming out of the ground.
    And that Tree's beautiful. It looks like paper!

  5. Those are not Boston Ferns,I think they are called Wood Ferns. Boston Ferns are not hardy here in Michigan.
    Yes, Tree Peonies are one of my favorites!

  6. Thw Peony is hot. O have a couple (were here when I bought but not treated weel) that are hanging on for dear life.

  7. and TREE peony no less. I have the regular ones. the TREE ones are king.

  8. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Wow, beautiful landscape work. And glad to see you are able to get out now with the moho. Have fun.


  9. I've always called those ferns wood ferns, too!
    I have them around my in-ground fountain, with some hostas.
    In my garden in Dayton, I used to have Ligularia "the rocket" - I loved the bright spike of little yellow flowers.
    I've never had a tree peony. Do they smell "like spring" like herbaceous peonies? (Yours is GORGEOUS by the way - I saw one like that in a catalog, I think the variety was called "sorbet")

  10. damn 10 inches across.