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Sunday, May 20, 2007

the yard....continued

More things are blooming in the yard!
First I'll show you 2 of my Deciduous Azaleas.
This one is a white with a yellow streak,
and the other is hot pink!

Unlike ever green Azaleas, these lose all their leaves
in the winter and have larger flowers of more colors.
But they don't cover the bush like evergreen Azaleas.
Next is our giant Snow Ball Bush.
It's about 15 ft tall.
Was one of the few things in the yard
when we bought the house.

Then we have Lupine.
The tall pale yellow flower spike.
The little gold button flowers,
I don't remember the name.

Then along one of my walks is a small
ground cover plant called Thrift,
with little pink button flowers.

And last is a favorite bush of mine called
Japanese Keria.
Beautiful gold carnation like flowers.
The bush gets about 6 ft tall.
It doesn't do as well in my yard as I've seen in others,
but I keep it anyway.
Oh, and an update on my plant sale for June 3rd. I now have 195 plants potted up!
This will be the last weekend to dig and divide, as most plants are getting to big to disturb.
But I should hit my goal of 200.
More pics later!


  1. Everything looks so great. Isn't this just the coolest part of the year? All of the plants growing and blooming.

  2. johnmichael11:07 PM

    Wow. Really pretty!

  3. Joseph11:18 PM

    Pretty amazing! I love the variety of plants you have in your yard. Nice work!

  4. Amazing flowers and plants and amazing photographs!!

  5. Always liked lupines. they grow wild in oregona nd california. Miles of them dazzles the eyes.