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Monday, May 21, 2007

More flower pics

It has been one busy weekend!
We burned a huge pile of branches that came out of the trees during the winter, trimmed more bushes and trees, and dug and divided more plants!
And I'm still weeding!
I now have 207 plants for my sale on June 3rd.
God, I hope they all sell!
Also, took in the mo-ho because when we were in Muskegon
a couple of weeks ago, the TV Booster didn't work.
They got it fixed, needed a new cable.

Today we went to Van Attas Greenhouse to
pick out the annuals for our pots.
Here is our catch.
Of course now I have to plant them all.
We have pots on our deck and in the shade garden,
and by the pond.

And a new Tree Peony is open.
It's a pale pink and the largest of all the tree peonies I have.

Here's a pic with me and the tree peony.
They are absolutely huge!
And now off to plant!


  1. Nice pics, your work really pays off. My allergies are acting up just looking though!

  2. Joseph11:18 PM

    The tree peony is beautiful. I know that you said that the flowers were large, but having you in the picture really put them in perspective!

  3. What stunning flowers - I had no idea that tree peonies had such large blooms!

  4. The flowers are looking great. I hope the sale goes well in June. If i was there i'd buy one or two.

    Hope youre having a great week.

    Kev in NZ

  5. I'm coming in 10 minutes to spend the day napping in your garden. What's for lunch? What should I bring for dinner? Damn now I now that I must have the tree peony. Wow, wow, wow.

  6. they are lovely! your yard and your sale items are wonderful. relax!!

    smiles, bee

  7. Wow, that Tree Peony has huge flowers! I hope the plant grow tall over time.