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Thursday, May 24, 2007

a quick post

Just a quick post today,
I've been very busy with work and the yard.
My Herbaceous Peonies are starting to bloom,
and I thought the color combination
in this pic looked nice.
I'm slowly getting the yard shaped up.

Yesterday morning before work,
I stained the deck. Need to do that every couple of years.

This last pic shows the concrete patio between the house and deck.
It's been patched and painted so much, it just looks nasty!
But we found a fix for it. Will show you pics later this weekend.
Now it's off to work!


  1. Yeah, this looks just like the apartment we are going to buy in NYC....NOT! Great job. Looks very inviting.

  2. You are as bad as I am....I just can't stop taking pics once I start.

  3. I wanna sit on your dEck....*blushes*