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Saturday, May 26, 2007

I need a chill pill

I've been stressing for 2 weeks now!
But let me start at the beginning.
When we opened our salon 10 years ago, I started bringing in cut flower arrangements from my gardens for a table in the waiting area. Got lots of complements from customers. They thought I must have a fantastic yard. So I took in pics of the yard for people to see. You can see them here. my yard
So, now I'm having a plant sale. A lot of my perennials have gotten too large and are crowding each other, so I thought I'd divide, pot up the extras and have a plant sale! Proceeds going to our motor home gas fund. And we could really use a gas fund. But that's another story.
Now I've got a lot of customers are coming to it. And of course, they'll want a tour of the yard!
So knowing the yard doesn't look near as good in person as in pics, I've been working my ass off trying to get it into some sort of decent shape, so as to not disappoint them too much. So I'm stressing! I mean the yard looks pretty good to me, but I certainly wouldn't put it in a garden tour. I've made a lot of mistakes in the yard, and most are to big now to correct!
Like why did I plant the Weeping Cherry so close to the Viburnum? which has gotten way bigger than I expected! The pine trees in the shade garden are too close together! Most of the errors most people probably won't notice. Hopefully with such a large yard to look at they won't notice the little things that I see.
And do I even have a good enough selection of plants for my sale?
What will people be expecting?
I know,
I'm blowing everything out of proportion,
I'm sure everyone will love the yard,
I'm sure I'll sell all the plants,
now totaling 215,
Everything will be fine.
it's daylight!.....
I've got more weeding to do!!!


  1. So, my dear freaked out obsessive compulsive hair cutting beauty.....
    You need:
    1. A Lunesta at night to sleep well
    2. Coffee in the morning
    3. Some sort of medication to keep you calm
    4. Less plants
    5. Cheaper gas
    6. More income from the shop
    7. A counselor to help you get over this weeding and yard problem.
    Maybe there's a PA meeting. (Plants Anonymous)

  2. You are blowing it out of proportion. Have the sale. What sells, sells. What is, is. And it always works out better than our projections.

  3. Joseph5:26 PM

    I think you are your own worst critic, Wayne. Your yard is magnificent, and trust me, all who see it will be amazed. You are a perfectionist who spends a great deal of time in your yard; of course you are going to know its imperfections, but others will not. They will just be enjoying the beauty you have created. Try to relax and enjoy the complements you will receive!

  4. Lewis, you are soo freaking funny!

  5. alan and joseph, you are right!
    I'll try.

  6. Wow, Just send them over to see my ghetto garden first then they won't even notice your slight imperfections. . .Damn, I think I have garden envy.

  7. Aweee I am sure you will do well & be all gassed up soon enough...Your yard is beautiful, the photo's indicate the effort invloved...They cant always look like prize winners..Plants are affected by seasonal changes, growth etc...People understand this...kisses

  8. I discovered a long time ago that the things I worried about the most, never happen! Still doesn't stop me from worrying and fretting, but...

  9. I do think your garden should be part of a garden tour!
    And after all this extra work, I certainly hope you do sell all 215 plants! I only wish I had half your enthusiasm for gardening this year!