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Sunday, May 27, 2007

problem solved

Remember the concrete patio
I mentioned a couple
posts back? It's this 6in thick
slab of concrete.
It's cracked and painted and
just nasty looking.
We can't afford to tear it out
because it is over the well pit,
and would be very expensive.
I'm gonna show you how we fixed it.

We found this portable decking
on the Internet.
very easy to do.
They come in 1 square foot
sections that snap together.
So we measured the patio and
ordered the number we needed.
Cut the last row to fit.

You start at one corner and put
them down row by row.
The backing is plastic ribbed so
water can drain away.
put trim around edges,
stained it to match the deck
and no more ugly patio!
And it comes up just as easy, for winter storage. we've had it 4 years now.


  1. That is so freaking kool!!! And looks great!!!

  2. Anonymous10:27 AM

    What have you had four years now? *scratches chin*
    If you had that neat portable decking four years, why were you stressing about the deck?

    Looks great, Bro. :)



  3. Ahhh babe there is always a solution....but only those that look hard will find it...Congrats & it looks fabulous!...xoxox

  4. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!??! You guys are so cool! Ugh...I need advice when/IF we actually buy our home...I am SO not creative...

  5. Wow, handsome and handy.
    Craig is one lucky guy!

  6. I've been going through reading your blog, you sound like a man on the mission. It's beautiful, congrats on all the hard work.

  7. oh and I enjoyed all the years of photos of you and Craig too, I had a smile on my face after reading your blog over and over.