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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

more of the yard!

Now that the yard sale is over,
and the yard has been cleaned up and weeded,
I can now enjoy the rest of the summer.
Oh, there will be more weeding,
but if you look at my pics,
you'll see that the perennials,
once grown, fill in most of the spaces,
not giving weeds much room to grow.
And all I have yet to do, is wax the motor home
and cars. But I can do that between our mo-ho trips.
Which, by the way, our next is to Niagara Falls!
And we made more than enough money
from the plant sale to cover the gas and campground!
And I did learn a tip from the sale.
One customer, who works down the road,
and came to last years sale,
happened to drive by on the day of the sale,
going to her dad's house.
But she came later in the day and
missed most of the good stuff.
So I got the idea, next year I'll put a sign out front,
advertising the upcoming sale about a week before.
She said she'd been looking for this years sale.
I also took her e-mail address,
to let her know ahead of time also.
I also started an e-mail list from
other people who came late.
So if I do it again next year, I'll be better prepared.

And of course, I'm adding more pics to my yard album.


  1. Josepph7:45 AM

    Niagra Falls will be a great trip, and it will be especially enjoyable because it is paid for with your hard work. I envy your organizational skills. Next year's sale should be even better. Enjoy your beautiful yard!

  2. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Congratulations on the success of your sale. :)



  3. Oh what a magnificent place to camp..I would love to be there myself...Next years sale will be even bigger if you plan ahead...wait and see...xoxo

  4. man love this music, and your beautiful photography! AWesome!

  5. you are becoming a pro at this so everything next year will be beautiful! It looks great BTW