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Sunday, June 03, 2007

1 and done!

The plant sale is over!

It started a 9am, and ran to 1pm.
The weather was iffy,
scattered rain showers.
Fortunately, they were mainly light.
Started out with 230 plants,
divided from my yard.

By 11am, I had sold 146!
By 1pm, I sold another 46!
Leaving me with only 38 left!
Grand total...........$475.00!

So.... despite the weather,
people came out to shop!
But I priced the plants to sell.
Nothing over $5.00.

And the leftovers?
I put an add on Freecycle,
and Craigslist for free plants,
that should get rid of the rest.
Would hate to compost them.

Planned on taking pics of the sale,
but just got too busy!
Craig helped by hauling the customers plants to their cars,
while I took the money and answered questions about the plants.
And like I said, all the proceeds go to our mo-ho gas fund!


  1. Joseph4:37 PM

    Congratulations on a very successful sale! All your hard work paid off, and that money will definitely help with the cost of gas. Your plants were very reasonably priced, so it was a win-win situation for everyone.

  2. $ many miles with that get you guys? Across the MI border?

  3. i was thinking ths same thing as lewis! ha ha one tank? anyway it sounds like a lovely sale and i sure wish i could have been there. i have one live flower, an african violet, used to have two and one died. and i hope you have a wonderful trip using that gas money!!! drive safely and then tell us about the trip!

    smiles, bee

  4. Damn. Bloddy good show!

  5. That is awesome!
    Too bad you didn't sell everything!
    I thought about you on Saturday afternoon when we had a big storm blow thru.
    I've never heard of Freecycle.
    Will have to check out your ads!


  6. Nice. You found good homes for the plants, made some money and most of them won't become compost.

  7. The fact that you can take 230 plants from your yard gives me a new appreciation for the magnitude of your landscaping. Congrats on the successful sale.

  8. Well Done my friend...38 left is not so bad...And thats admirable to see that you are giving the rest away...I hope you get many KM's for your hard work....hugs xoxo