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Friday, June 01, 2007

Let the sale begin!

Okay now, I'm ready for the Big Sale!

I've written name tags for all 215 plants,
and printed up pictures of the plants that
won't be in bloom yet,
people want to see what the flowers will look like.
I attached them to plastic stakes to put in pots.
There's a chance of rain Sunday, so I got some sandwich
Ziploc baggies to slide over the pics, just in case.

I also got 2 vinyl table covers, folded them to banner size, put plastic grommets in the corners with cords attached, and painted them. Now I have large bright signs to put out on our busy road to attract more customers.
The only advertising I've done is signs in our Salon, at Beaners Coffee Cafe, and on Craig's List, so the road signs should help.

On the down side, I picked up something from the yard. I've got a rash of some sort on the back of my leg, and also on the back of my left hand. And my right eye is swollen on the lid and below. Not a pretty sight! Hope it clears up before the sale! It's freaked out some customers, but I tell them I was working in the yard and must have touched something and rubbed my eye, just a little infection, nothing contagious. Gezz, people think you should run to the doctor for every little thing!

Wish me luck!


  1. Joseph9:33 AM

    You are extremely well organized and ready for your sale! I hope the rain holds off. I wish I were closer; I would defiitely take advantage of your sale. You have some great plants. I know you will do well.

  2. Anonymous10:24 AM

    lucky you! many of our seed just did not take this year... oh well. and good luch with the sale!

  3. I see that Joseph has called you extremely well organized. I call you neurotic and a touch of OCD going on. spite of being extremely well organized. Hugs for a great sale!

  4. Lots of work. Hope it pays off for the fund. Sorry, I'm not near either. I've gotten into doing some gardening this year, Mainly, herbs for cooking.

    I would check the rash out with a doctor, if it's in your eye. Complications from a small organism can be dangerous. It may seem like nothing, but it's best to be careful.

    Good luck on the sale...


  5. honey that sound a lot like poison ivy to me. we live in the woods in podunk ga, and it abounds here!

    your sale sounds wonderful! wish i could see it...

    smiles, bee

  6. Anonymous1:02 PM

    That's what I was thinking too, bro. One of the 'poison' vine varieties.
    The doctor will probably give you an opthalmic creme for your eye and that's about it.
    Take care. We're enjoying our last couple of days with Bob at home.


  7. I'd buy up big if I were there, knowing all that love & nuturing came from such a lovely guy with passion for nature..xoxo Plus I love gardening & cant do it here... :(