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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Niagara Falls

Hi all!
Back from New York!
I tell ya the drive was horrible! I've never seen so much road work! What planned on being a 7 1/2 hour drive, turned into a 9 hour drive. But we made it home with little mishap. We kept blowing a fuse that controls the tail lights, dash lights and our top marker lights. Replaced the fuse twice and it promptly blew again. It was a foggy morning, so we must be getting moisture in somewhere, shorting out and blowing the fuse. So, until the fog lifted, we had to drive with our emergency flashers. When we got home and everything dried out, we checked every light by pouring water on it and of course, nothing happened. So next week we'll take it in and see if they can find it. I'm not too hopeful, but I've got to have tail lights!
At least nothing serious happened like we saw at a gas stop. There was this beautiful Dynamark motor home and something on the roof didn't look right. Found out they went under a low bridge, and ripped the roof top air conditioning units and vent covers right off!
They were not a happy couple!
So a blown fuse wasn't looking too bad.

Now about our trip to Niagara Falls!
We've been there before, about 25 years ago, but they are still an awesome sight! Just an amazing amount of water flowing over the edge! We were on the American side this time. Not quite as good a views as the Canadian side, but still awesome!

Here's Craig in front of the Horse Shoe Falls And the American Falls. We were on Goat Island that divides the two Falls, with Canada across the river.
For the rest of the pics look here. Niagara Falls

This last pic is me with my Beaners cup. The story behind this is Beaners is a local coffee shop. They have a board where they put pics of people with their Beaners cup from all over the world. So of course I had to add mine!


  1. Bummer about the fuses blowing.....I hate not being able to find out what is wrong when things like that happen. the pictures look great! Including you and the cup.

  2. i swear every road in the country is torn up. i think they have to spend the federal road money or lose it or something, but i know exactly what you mean!

    but glad it was fun and you are home safe and sound! the photos were lovely!

    smiles, bee

  3. Joseph10:59 PM

    Your pictures were great! I haven't been to the Falls for over twenty years, but I would like to go again. Your pictures were inspiring! I hope you get the fuse problem solved for future trips.

  4. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Glad you guys got home safely. :)



  5. It still sounds amazing, something I may never get to see, so I am grateful to sit and share your experience...xox

  6. Anonymous2:45 AM

    much better from the Canadian side, wher you can ride that bitch of the bog/ slut of the sea/ maid of the mist boat....LOL!!!

  7. glad you had a good trip. bee is right, all of our reads are a mess!
    stop by and say hi sometime!

  8. I don't think I have ever been to the American side of the falls. D. and I had debated it but we both decided we enjoyed the crapilicious Canadian side with it's tacky delights.