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Sunday, June 17, 2007

What a week!

Just a quick post!

It has been the busiest week of the entire year at work!
I'm not complaining though, more work means more money when your self employed!

And I just got my new health insurance rate for the coming year. A $50 per month increase!
I am now paying $388.00 per month for health insurance! AND.... it does not cover dental, optical, or prescriptions. I also have a $1500.00 deductible and a $1000.00 co-pay.

So between Craig and I we are paying..........
$776.00 per month!

When does it get to a point where people will no longer be able to afford it?

Sorry to yell, but it just seems the harder you try to get ahead, the more they beat you down!
I just wonder how an average family can afford health care.
Jeez, the gas prices are bad enough!
okay, I'm done now.


  1. Somebody in Washington or somewhere, better start thinking about health care in the United States.

    Costs are getting way out of hand, and Americans are becoming health insurance poor!

  2. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Ouch. :( Sorry to hear that.



  3. Wayne, I hate to do this to you, but : TAG!

  4. To answer your question, THEY CAN'T AFFORD INSURANCE SO THEY GO WITHOUT. It's so screwed up. I can't believe you guys pay so much. Ours went up dramatically about two years ago...but it's still nothing like yours. Feel sorry for you...seriously. Take care.

  5. Anonymous1:50 AM

    OH MY GOD!! that is totally insane!!! Thank God I live in Canada. You know, the land of universal health care? we have complete ( health (incl prescriptions), dental, optical, massage, acupuncture) covered. our work covers our monthly premiums, which, combined are less than $150. per month. So my taxes are a little higher. I can rest assured that no matter what I am covered. I could not image what my parent's health care bills would have been over the past six years with both of them having cancer. Sometimes it pays to living in a liberal society.

  6. WOWSERS!!!
    I will never complain about Health Insurance in Aussieland, it is dirt cheap here compared to U.S.
    Our standard FULL premium cost is about $80 a month & that even gives you up to $1000 a year on dental & some optical and then all your basic hospital coverage...Why is health care so expensive over there - Is the risk of falling ill so high? My Father always told me it is better to put the money into a savings account and earn interest on it than give it to the health fund. Many people pay into funds for 10 - 20 years , never using it...Of course no one can jot down in their diary just WHEN they might fall ill or have an accident...*winks*...I feel for you both...

  7. Holy Crap, Wayne!
    I won't complain about my $200 a month again...

  8. I hate to see what our increase will be this year! For the last several years the increase was larger than our "raises", effectively giving us a cut.