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Sunday, June 24, 2007


Here's another update!
We were checking all the motor home systems, getting ready for our next trip, and find we now have NO tail lights, OR brake lights, OR rear turn signals, OR back-up lights! And how they messed this up is besides me! SO, we will take it back first thing in the morning to get it fixed. Even though we don't have an appointment. They better work us in! So much for the tech who thought he might have the original problem fixed!
Craig is NOT happy!
We are suppose to leave on Friday, after work, so we need this fixed right a way.
Hopefully, it's an easy fix. Ya Right!


  1. Your wiring adventures are taking me back to my popup camper days! Seems that some things never change!

  2. what a summer! must be nice.

  3. This why God created planes and business class. Hope they fix it before you have to leave.

  4. Joseph8:47 AM

    How frustrating! I hope the problem is fixed before Friday!

  5. Anonymous10:56 AM

    They better work you in and they better do it for free. Geesh.
    Good luck with that, Bro.



  6. So, was that Craig with a baseball bat I just saw storming down the street?

    Hope you get this mess fixed ASAP!