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Monday, July 09, 2007

Live from Saugatuck!

Good morning all! This post comes to you from Campit Resort. Near beautiful Saugatuck, and Lake Michigan!We hadn't planned on this trip, it was a last minute decision. We got out of work early on Saturday. Saw the weather forecast calling for low 90's. So we thought Lake Michigan was the place to be. So we did a quick packing and off we went! A short 2 niter.
Saugatuck is only about a 1-1/2hr drive from Lansing. So a fairly short trip. I must say the lake and the beach made a 93 degree day enjoyable!
It was a windy day also which helped it to feel cooler. We got to the beach early, but it was filling up fast when we left. Here's Craig enjoying the surf.

Campit has 14 new full hook-up sites in their Westwood expansion. But their wi-fi doesn't reach that far, so I'm writing this on a picnic table near the office. It's just such a beautiful quiet morning. But then, I've always been an early riser.

We're packing up this morning and heading back to Lansing. Then we'll have to repack for our next trip, to East Harbor State Park. In Ohio, on Lake Erie between Port Clinton and Sandusky.

Hope you enjoyed the pics!
We sure enjoyed the lake!


  1. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Thanks for sharing your pics, Bro. :)


  2. Did you say it was a "fairy" short drive or a "fairly" short drive? Looks beautiful! I love the foot in the sand shot.

  3. Looks like a treat...or retreat!
    Glad you took the opportunity to whisk away last minute...Sometimes they are the most enjoyable trips...What a beautiful beach too...xox

  4. the shots of the feet are cool. Sounds very pleasant where you are writing from. Enjoy!

  5. nice footprints!! where are the pics of the feet?