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Friday, July 06, 2007

my hostas

I'm gonna bore my
non-gardening readers.
So if your not into that,
just go on to your next blog.

I have about 30 different Hostas
in my yard.
I like them because they are almost
care free,
and add a wonderful
presence to the border.

I've lost the names of most, so you'll get mainly just pictures.
And of course, pics don't do them justice.
You need to see them up close to
really appreciate them.

The very top pic is called
"Blue Angel".
A very large hosta.
With beautiful dusty blue leaves.
It matures at a height
of about 4ft tall and 6ft across.

Hostas come in many
shapes and sizes,
and color combinations.
From solid colors to variegated.
From light green to very bluish.

This hosta is called "Sagae".
It's a more "up-right" Hosta.
Not as outward spreading
as most others.

This Hosta is called "Rascal".
A very light yellowish green
leaf with a darker green edging.

And last, a "Sieboldana".
Another blue hosta, but the leaves are more ribbed and crinkled.

So there's a few of my many Hostas!
Class dismissed!


  1. I would love to see your garden - physically of course. It really does look amazing. I coould never achieve what you have with a garden here. The drought prohibits watering of all outdoor gardens.
    So Thankyou for showing me what I cant have for myself.
    Gardening is only boring to people who dont care to see just how beautiful nature can be!

  2. we have about four types in our back yard, but it is small. I like hosta too. It is a very lush plant that manages to put up a very pretty flower stalk, surprisingly. I have had them in all my garden beds.

    I like your hostas. They look very healthy!

  3. Gorgeous! I should have you come down and landscape my "south forty" once I get it cleared out.

  4. Joseph11:22 PM

    Your hosta are beautiful. I'm envious because the deer love to eat ours. I have been using Liquid Fence, and that has helped, but I have to keep reapplying it, and I'm not always good at that. Your yard is truly a work of art. You should be very proud of it!

  5. Good grief, your garden looks so lush & gorgeous!
    We haven't had a single drop of rain in over 30 days at home, and you would cry if you saw my hostas.
    Not only dry, but the chickens got into them... shredded hostas, anyone?
    At least the chickens eat slugs...
    not that there are any hosta-craving slugs in the dust bowl that is my garden...
    I'll just look at yours some more...

  6. My next place is going to have a garden..yours looks absolutely amazing!

  7. Yours is bigger and prettier than mine.

  8. I had no idea that's what those were called. I don't think I've seen those since I left school in Ohio in the late 90s. I believe I like the Sagae best.