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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

No chillin for me

Well, so much for plans.
As I said in my last post,
(you did read it right?)
I had planned to spend my last day off chillin,
but Craig had other ideas.
He decided we needed to clean the
eavestroughs on the house.
So first, I had to get up on the roof to
brush all the stuff out of the valleys.
We have a low roof, so the rain doesn't
wash the leaves and twigs out of the valleys.
But while up there,
I noticed you get a birds eye view of the yard,
so I yelled to Craig to get my camera,
and took a couple of pics.
I also got a pic of Craig weeding the rock garden.
Look across the street and
you can see how dry it is here.
Also you'll notice some stuff
laying in the driveway behind the car.
That's another project Craig had me work on.
When we go to a campground we have
stabilizer jacks we put down.
It keeps the motor home from
rocking and more important,
if the site isn't level, we can
adjust the jacks to make the motor home level.
Well, if the site is gravel or dirt,
the jacks may not sit well,
so we put boards under them
to give them a larger foot print.

The boards we were using weren't very thick and were getting beat up pretty bad, so we bought a 2x8x8 piece of treated lumber, cut and sanded the edges and put handles on them to make it easier to remove from under the motor home.
So here's a pic of the old board we use to use and the new thicker treated wood with nifty little handles.

So I worked on the boards while
Craig cleaned out the eavestroughs.
And that's after I polished the mo-ho wheels
and rainexed the windows!
I guess I'll have to wait till our next rv trip to "chill".
Which will be this coming weekend. YAA!


  1. well honey have a great time. you certainly earned it!

    smiles, bee

  2. I already commented "exhausted" yesterday. Can one be "doubly exhausted"? Cause I am. I'll need to take a look at this place of beauty sometime. I also wish for your energy and drive. I just plain old don't have it.

  3. my goodness, I got tired just reading your post!
    you all sure are motivated guys!

  4. I believe I've said it before and if I didn't I'll say it anyway. You have a huge back yard and it is really nice/beautiful. Enjoy the weekend.

  5. Joseph8:57 AM

    I am anxious to read your post next week to find out if you indeed find time to "chill." You guys always seem to find things to keep you busy. Your home, yard, gardens, and motor home do indeed show the hard work that you put into maintaining everything! I'm sure you take great pride in all of that--deservedly so!

  6. i sympathize... mine is hyperactive too.

  7. ah yes, the "honey-do" lists haunt me to!